Nicodemus X

Spectre Chronomancer


Nicodemus X
Spectre Chronomancer
Level 6

STR 7 (-2)
DEX 17 (3)
CON 3 (-4)
INT 10
WIS 12 (
CHA 17 (+3)

Birthsign: Silvershoes, The Parade: a symbol of joy, cannot be controlled, sleeped or held

-Believes he created magic

- No Body: may not wear armor (though Spectre Anti-Paladins and Alcheficers may)
- Incorporeal: once per adventure, may pass through something or avoid harm for a round
- Luminous: once per adventure, may cast Continual Light in a location

AC: 4
HP: 15
Saves: 2
WP 5/7: Strumf x2, Heroic, Dextrous
Thac0: 22
Crit Treshold: 18

Chronometer: 2d4

Prophecy: Flip to predict what will happen to a target, not usable in combat (creative spell)
Nap (5): you or target ‘sleeps’ this round (must flip vs. target), doing nothing but waking feeling refreshed for 1D10 hit points and 1 ‘mana’ point or whatever their special power energy
Dimension Door (1): one of the chronomancer’s signature abilities; opens a door to a random location (using the random locations table). Party can enter it, but it takes an action for the Chronomancer to seal it in combat.
In & Out (3): creates an in portal and an out portal for transportation
Foresight III: passively adds bonus to initiative +9; may spend chronometer points to do direct damage of D12 + points spent – minimum 1. You may only spend points up to your current level on Foresight.
Warning: get warned from a future self to learn something, allowing you to make a useful non-weapon proficiency or skill on the spot that a future self taught you
Conjure Creatures (5): conjures a random munster group that will fight for your side for this round
Shortcut: allows PC’s to go around an obstacle (such as a chasm or locked door), by going through one dimension door location
Improbable: re-roll two rolls per adventure



Nicodemus X

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