Burl Stumpkin

Dwarven Cleric lv 3


STR 10
DEX 10
CON 10
INT 12 +1Action
WIS 17 +3 Sav/dam/spells
CHA 10

HP: 16
AC: 10
THAC0: 20
Actions: +1
Saves: 4
Crit: 20

Birthsign – 3 – Silvershoes – The Parade – A Symbol of Joy, those born under this sign cannot be controlled, sleeped, or held.

WP 0/3:
Training montage (str), Training montage (wis), training montage (wis)


Age: 40
Height: 4’1”
Weight: 180lbs

-hallucinogenic smoke: 1 use: takes 3 rounds to cast

Racial Traits:
- Fungi Recognition: can identity all funguses with 95% accuracy
- Golden Nose: can smell ore and precious metals up to a mile away
- Infravision: can see in the dark up to 180 ft.
-Head Spike: when attacked, may deal 1D4 + STR bonus damage once in combat (can’t use)

Thrann – the Great Dragon – god of wealth and acquisition
He desires just acquisition of all things! Those who would deny righteous rewards for just deeds are the enemies of Thrann.

The Thrannish people seek to acquire wealth and possessions in the name of the Great Dragon-god, Thrann. They believe in justice and kindness, as well as just rewards for such deeds. Acquisition is the primary objective of the Thrannish disciple: jewels, gold, possessions, anything and everything is of value to the mighty Thrann in his Eternal Horde. Every disciple of Thrann must not only acquire wealth, he must acquire new disciples for Him as well. It is the right of Thrannish Acquisition!
As an organization, disciples generally deal with those ranking immediately above and below them. Of all acquired wealth, 10% must be given to a disciple’s patron (the person who acquired their devotion to Thrann). Any disciples converted by an individual must give 10% of their wealth to them. All wealth acquired over one’s life must be bequeathed to the church upon a disciples death. Disciples are not allowed spouses or children, as they are an impediment to acquisition!

Five unbreakable rules:
1. Cannot marry or have a family, for it is an impediment to acquisition.
2. Must accept all justly earned rewards, or any generous offer (food, drink, etc. and must consume at least 90% of it)
3. Must refuse unjustly acquired spoils.
4. If no reward for justice is available, must acquire some form of thanks (hug, hi five, verbal, etc.). If none is given, cleric must forcibly take an item of his choosing.
5. Must attempt to convert 1 individual per quest, AND any known thief.

Holy Symbol – Dragon pendant – Large, hefty, circular gold medallion with an image of the mighty Thrann atop His Horde. Worn around the cleric’s neck or held in hand.

Anthropology 60% – create the familial or fraternal customs of any person or society

Greater – Restoration
Banned – Dictum

Lv 1
Cure light wounds (3) – heal 1d8+1
Bless – party member +4 attack for combat
-Faerie Fire – name a thing/concept/emotion/name; it will glow and be visible to cleric in 1 mile
-Light ©: creates a pleasant or blinding light for 1 round (or 1 minute) in a 10 foot area

Lv 2
Aid [G]: target’s attack rolls use an additional D20 (take the highest roll) for two rounds
Ease Pain [G]: cast on any target with 10 or fewer hit points to K/O them, if cast on an ally they come back to life after a full round later with 1D8 additional hit points

Lv 3
-Remove curse – cure target of any curse, or target rerolls a rolled 4 (greater sphere)
Cure Disease/Poison®: cure a target of any disease or poison

Holy Pack Animal: (sent away)
- Two Donkeys Tied Together: as above, but receive two oddities or potions, +2 level two spells

Tabard: Tabards advertise the Cleric’s religion with their holy mascot.
- Tattered, Out-Of-Date Logo Bearing Tabard: an ally in combat always gains +4 AC

Underpants: Many clerics come for the free scones and stay for the excellent underpants.
- Comfortable, Embroidered Underwear: any ‘stacked’ spell that is cast gets a free +1 stack

1 opal worth 100gp
Magic horse barding


Burl was acquired by the Church of Thrann when he was living on the streets of Octopolis. The city’s many orphanages were beyond full, so there was no room left for an abandoned Dwarven baby. He barely survived by stealing what food he could and catching the occasional rat for dinner, until the day he attempted to steal from the muffin cart of Melville Stumpkin. Melville was an ancient Gnome with a long whispy mustache. Without looking, he grabbed Burl’s hand as he reached for a muffin, and wouldn’t let go. Burl struggled for what seemed like hours, but the old Gnome would not release his vice grip on the boy’s arm, conducting transactions with customers with his other hand all the while. When Burl finally stopped struggling, Melville said, “I acquire you for the Church of Thrann!” Burl was bathed and fed and given a place to sleep. He began his first just acquisition as Melville’s baking assistant. He received 1 copper shilling per day, and on the 10th day, Melville kept his shilling, explaining that this was the “patron’s tribute,” an essential part of Thrannish Acquisition. Burl’s new life suited him well. He developed a deep love of acquiring, and doing so through honest endeavors filled him with pride. Melville was kind to him, and taught him all of the essential knowledge for a disciple of Thrann. On Burl’s 36th birthday, Melville finally succumbed to his age and all his possessions (house, muffin cart, gold, everything) were returned to the Church. Burl had no choice but to set out on his own and see what could be acquired.

Burl Stumpkin

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