Razzamatazz the Mystacular


Razzamatazz the Mystacular

Human Magic User

Hat: in any round where the Wizard casts two spells due to their
intelligence bonus, they may keep one of the two spells memorized (it
does not get expended)

Spell thingy number: level + int bonus = 3 + 2 = 5

- Illusion – you may make an illusion appear on any target hit by your spells

Lv: Number
0: 3 (lv) + 2 (int) = 5
1: 5
2: 4
3: 3
4: 1

Level 0 (cantrip):
- the amazing razzle dazzle

Level 1 spells:
- Color Spray
- Grease
- Unseen Servant
- Magic Missile
- Magic Missile

Level 2 spells:
- Levitate
- Forgot
- Touch of Idiocy
- Melf’s Acid Arrow

Level 3 spells:
- Gaseous Form
- Stinking Cloud
- Lightning Bolt

Level 4 spells:
- Magic Mirror

STR: 9 (-1)
DEX: 11 (+0)
CON: 8 (-1)
INT: 14 ( + 2)
WIS: 10 (+0)
CHA: 14 ( + 2)

HP: 7
HD: D4

Saves: 1

Razzamatazz the Mystacular was once a promising demonology candidate
at the academy of interdimensional investigations. His crowning
achievement occurred in secret, one night, using forbidden materials,
drug addled, he single-handedly tore open to a portal to hell and saw
unspeakable things, but which robbed his memory—or perhaps he never
knew—how the portal had been opened. Under enormous pressure to
publish his doctoral tome, he falsified some of the incantations he
used, and almost graduated with the highest honors, when his academic
nemesis Alabaster Stelerian exposed the flaws in his thesis and he was
cast out in disgrace.

Dazed, humiliated, his obsession for uncovering the secret of the
portal grew to consume his mind. He spent the remains of his savings
trying to replicate his experiment. His fiance left him at the altar.
Finally, his life fully in shambles, he turned in desperation to
performing stage magic, his shame burning, suffering the slings and
arrows of plebians throwing vegetables at him every night.

At the close of his last Magical Mystery Tour, he finally gave up,
left town, and, having nothing left, turned to the treacherous
and lonely road of adventuring and perhaps, one day, glory or

WP: 1 (starting) + 1 (human) + 2 (level 2, 3) = 4
- 2: Intelligent: Double the bonus actions per round you get from
your INT bonus

NWP: Tour Management – proficient at booking, organizing and stage managing magic shows

THAC0 19 (+1) STR = 20
AC 10 = 8

Attacks: +2 (INT) * 2 (intelligent) = 4
Crit Threshold: 20 – 2 (CHA)

4 Foxriff The Chasm Those under this sign can leap 15 feet in any
direction or may running leep for 30 feet.

Strength THAC0 Positive modifier reduces THAC0, negative modifier
increases THAC0. Warrior

Dexterity AC Positive modifier reduces Armor Class, negative modifier
increases Armor Class. Rogue

Constitution HP Positive modifier increases Hit Points each level,
negative modifier decreases Hit Point roll each level. Fiends

Wisdom SAVES Positive modifiers increase the number of saving throws
that can be made (base 1), negative modifiers require selection of
“Deficiencies” for each negative point. Priests

Intelligence ACTIONS Positive modifiers increase the number of attacks
you can make over the course of a combat, negative modifiers require
the selection of “Deficiencies” for each negative point. Wizards

Charisma WP Positive modifier increases critical threshold on a D20
(base 20), negative modifiers reduce the number. Peasants

- Gem worth 100GP
- Ring of spell store. Store any spell alreasdy cast
- 12 torches
- 4 cans of oil
- 10 werks rations, tent
- 1 set of curative herbs
- 20GP


Razzamatazz the Mystacular

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