Funston Riddenbocker

Dwarven Slag


Neeman Stumpfukr
Pog Snarfwagon
Level 4
Funston Riddenbocker
Dwarven Slag
Groundskeeper for Lady Lancaster’s estate

STR 11
DEX 12 (+1)
CON 16 ( +3)
WIS 12 ( +1)
INT 11
CHA 9 (-1)

HP: 12
Strumf II

AC: 9
Saves: 2
Thac0: 20
Weapon: Magic Short Sword d6+3

WP: Unmotivated, Strumf II, Heroic

Insecurities Removed: CHA, INT

Power: 2
Capacity: 3
Potency: 2

Curse the Slag: adds +2 to a roll before it’s rolled
Show the Slag How It’s Done: increase critical success threshold by 4
Blame the Slag For Failure: re-roll a single roll

1*: Lash Out: does 1D10 damage per point spent
2*: Brood: heals *d4 HP to the Slag
3: Taunt: focus all attacks next round on the Slag

Grovel: demean yourself to adjust an NPC’s attitude; generates resentment for you
Truth: say something that is actually true at an inopportune time; the Slag still won’t be believed; generates resentment for the party and Slag

Hidden Talents:
1) Burning Hands 3) Magic Weapon

New Slags
Smeggy Orfendorf: Previously fired for stealing chickens
Pog Snarfwagon:


Funston Riddenbocker

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