Dwoggen'brae the Indefatigible

Centaur Barbarian


STR 14 (2)
DEX 6 (-2)
CON 19 (
INT 14 (+2)
WIS 7 (-2)
CHA 8 (-1)

HP: 18
AC: 12
Thac0: 18
Weapon: 2H Claymore – d10+2
Actions: 2
Saves: 1

Deficiences: Proud, Late Bloomer, Reckless
Birthsign: Newtracks – The Thief: Pickpocket 25%

Savage Aspect
Cull The Herd [10/20/30/40/50]: automatically kill all enemies with less than 5/10/15/20/25 hit points for the remainder of combat.

Battle Face
General Confusion: misses by the Barbarian generate 10 bloodlust

Piety: encounters with Priests, Paladins, Occult or other Religious Figures

Hurmpledrnk the Brownie Scribe

Blasphemy (50): denigrate the gods of someone to expose weakness or fear

Storytelling (50): “And so it came to pass….” ; allows the the scribe to make up the ‘inbetween’ part of an adventure for a variable effect

Empathy (50): “he does not _________, so I __________ for him”. Get around an encounter by using this formulation to absolve responsibility of the Barbarian or party. Also allows the scribe to absorb an effect of some sort, sparing the Barbarian.


And so it came to pass that the Horselords of the Brae were wiped from the face of the earth, and the last of their children sent to the fetid mines of the Mummy-Kings of Ur to die, where my Liege, the sole survivor of the Horselords of the Brae seethed and grew ripe with rippling hatred, swelling to the point of frenzy on that fateful day I whispered the Canticles of Mog into his lashed ears, awakening his soul and setting us both free, leaving behind endless piles of broken, bloodied, gnashed and gnarled gore in his wake, is this a run-on sentence I cannot tell I never truly learned the proper punctuation of the Common tongue, as my Liege carried the dusty, sputtering head of the Mummy-King of Ur by his wispy hair to the great conclave of Locear, and they were glad, for the old laws were upheld and the corruptors of faith were put down, and as it is right and good my Liege ventured forth into the Spirit Empire of Locear the Pure to sow his wild oats and spread the seed of his people, that the bloodline of the Horselords of Brae may still thrive and prosper under the kingdom of Mog.

Dwoggen'brae the Indefatigible

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