Dickermun " Dic Doc" Doohagenberry

Human Paladin


STR 16
DEX 10
CON 10
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 10

HP: 5
AC: 10
Thac0: 16
WP: +1 Thac0 to Longsword / Level

Longsword: 1d8

Saves: 1
Actions: 2

Birthsign: Nineleaf, The Hare (+1 Action in combat)

Suture: Dex
As an action, the Paladin may roll a D4/D6/D8/D10/D20 to damage the target (and then heal them for 2x the amount in the following round freely). Only one suture may be applied to each target.

Level 1: Smite (-4): roll an attack against a unit for 0 damage. If they are hit, they are smote and cannot act without suffering the maximum damage the Paladin can do with each action they take. This has no effect on any good-aligned units.

Acts of Kindness
Administer a wedding and a funeral; properly bury all the dead you create

Percentage Skills
Humors (20): bring a target’s humors into balance with smelling vapors, tinctures, crystals or vials. A target’s emotional response to the tincture can be varied depending on their current state.

Phrenology (20): snap judge a character flaw from the skull shape of an individual; the individual or a portrait of them must be visible to the Paladin

Astrology (20): predict what vague thing the stars have in store for an individual; types of predictions include anything you might find in a horoscope (‘you will find love on a___’ / ‘tomorrow is a bad day to ___’ / ‘you are incompatible with ____’, etc.)

Fifty Trades
Footman (Charisma)
Animal Husbandry (Charisma)
Matchmaker (Charisma)
Scribe (Intelligence)


Dickermun " Dic Doc" Doohagenberry

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